Monthly Archives: September 2012

Firefox 17 fixes Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro’s hardware keyboards

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro and Xperia Mini Pro users, you have patiently endured with hardware keyboards that could not enter numbers or non-English characters. Good news! I just fixed these bugs (bug 772252 and bug 766317) in Aurora 17. I will uplift these fixes for next week’s refresh of Firefox Beta 16 in the Google Play store.

The problem was that Firefox didn’t remember to “lock” the ALT shift state after the ALT key was released. The workaround was to enter numbers and non-English characters using the virtual keyboard or to hold down ALT while pressing the other key.

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Bug 254139: 2004–2012

I just fixed bug 254139, which was originally opened in 2004!

By day, I work on Mozilla’s Firefox for Android team, but after hours I also hack on the Firefox desktop browser.

For eight years, Firefox has saved web pages using the original filename, typically something unhelpful like index.html. With today’s Nightly build, Firefox adopts the decade-old precedent set by other browsers and saves web pages using the human-friendly <title> tag!

For such a small change, this was a surprisingly controversial bug. Some people claimed they switched browsers because of this bug.